Clyde Windfarm

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Contract: Clyde Windfarm
Client: Hanson Contracting

Contract: £3.3 million

Contract Status: Completed 2012

At Clyde Windfarm Celmisa were contracted by Hanson Contracting to undertake a wide scope of works which included:

  • Construction of 34 wind turbine bases and associated crane pads and laydown areas  
  • Construction of platforms for met masts  
  • Construction of substation platform
  • Removal of peat and creation of peat storage cells 
  • Removal of tree stumps 
  • Control of borrow pit operations extracting rock 
  • Reinstating of borrow pit 
  • Construction of permanent access roads 
  • Construction of floating roads using geogrid and geotextiles 
  • Construction of suds drainage ponds
  • Implementing environmental control measures 
  • Installation of V shaped drainage ditching
  • Supplying additional Plant via Plant hire to support Hanson Contracting in there works