Arecleoch Windfarm

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Contract: Arecleoch Windfarm
Client: Farrans Construction

Contract: £3.4 million

Contract Status: Completed 2010

At Arecleoch Windfarm Celmisa were contracted by Farrans Construction to undertake a wide scope of works which included:

  • Construction of wind turbine bases and associated crane pads and laydown areas  
  • Construction of platforms for met masts  
  • Construction of substation platform
  • Removal of peat and creation of peat storage cells 
  • Removal of tree stumps 
  • Control of borrow pit operations extracting rock 
  • Reinstating of borrow pit 
  • Construction of permanent access roads 
  • Construction of floating roads using geogrid and geotextiles 
  • Construction of suds drainage ponds
  • Implementing environmental control measures 
  • Installation of V shaped drainage ditching
  • Supplying additional Plant via Plant hire to support Farrans Construction in there works

“Celmisa Plant Hire’s management and work force worked exceptionally well on both Arecleoch and Kilgallioch wind farm Projects. Arecleoch was a 60 turbine site where Celmisa were sub contracted by Farrans Construction to construct 30 of the hardstandings, turbine bases and 21km of new roads. Their scope also included a cut fill exercise for a 200m by 100m sub station platform with the total movement of material in and out exceeding 75000m3

On Kilgallioch Celmisa were also sub contracted by Farrans Construction to complete 21 hardstandings and turbine bases and over 12km of road over a 9 month period.

The skills and management structure that was presented at both wind farms was exceptional. Their experience from other wind farms and large scale earthwork projects helped progress the work in a sustainable, efficient and safe manner. It must also be recognised that Celmisa Plant Hire’s key items of Plant are regularly changed to accommodate a fast changing market where modern technology can make processes and working methods more efficient for both themselves and their clients.

Overall Celmisa Plant Hire have a leading expertise in the Construction Industry with in Scotland and would be a top choice to be used in any area of Civil Engineering.”

Patrick Murray, Project Manager, Farrans Construction